The Feminist Approach

Kerima polotan Tuvera's The Virgin: The Feminist Approach "The Quest of Being a Woman"


"The Quest of Being a Woman" of Kerima Polotan Tuvera's The Virgin is an ideal title that shows similar importance of what women's activist analysis is about. Women's activist methodology characterizes the disclosure of lady's genuine wants and battles in the general public. It means to uncover the man-centric premises coming about to the partialities and disclosure of the story or any sort of art piece utilizing character examination. This paper would give the perusers a more clear view of how does women's activist analysis applies its qualities to an outstanding short story called The Virgin.

Creator's experience and the epitome of the story

Kerima Polotan Tuvera was a prestigious Filipino creator. Her works earned probably the most elevated scholarly acknowledgements in the Philippines, with her short story 'The Virgin' being one of her most eminent abstract pieces. "Virgin" that she referenced in her storey infers someone who is unadulterated and flawless. As directed by the general public, so as to pick up regard and poise, a lady must be unadulterated and virgin since it is said that a lady's virginity is likened to her nobility. The general public directs that lady must save her virginity until she gets hitched, similar to what Miss Mijares did to herself. She couldn't express her sentiments to men since she needed to secure her virginity/pride. Subsequently, the story presents Miss Mijares' battles brought about by the social directs on her singularity that blocked her to locate her very own way of life as an individual and as a lady through the women's activist kind of viewpoint.

Talk (use of the women's activist methodology)

Miss Mijares, the primary character of the short story titled The Virgin, as an author and as a lady uncovered her wants through her illustrations and images in her composition. Regardless of her being a dependable girl of her family, she additionally wished to be cherished by others, particularly, she has consistently been dreaming to have a man in her life. However, her obligations as a little girl and as an individual from the general public blocked her in satisfying her fantasies. The accompanying lines demonstrate her craving to have a man:

"Yet, neither love nor brilliance remained behind her, lone the hiding, void shadows, and nine years have gone, nine years. In the room of her unburied dead, she held up her hands to the light, noticing the thick, sturdy fingers, thinking in a blend of disgrace and sharpness and blame that they had never contacted a man."

There was likewise one situation in the story that gives her sentimental emotions when she felt furious to discover that the craftsman has a child and believed that he was hitched. Be that as it may, after the woodworker conceded that he isn't hitched with his child's mom, she felt assuaged. After that occasion, it all of a sudden came down and the climate got despondent. The situation uncovers the feelings of Miss Mijares about the craftsman. It was delineated that she was sincerely influenced by the craftsman's disclosures. With the downpour and the climate as a representation of her sentiments; it demonstrates her concealed feelings with the man.

There was additionally an emblematic disclosure about her craving of being adored. The paperweight which was moulded by the woodworker into a pigeon symbolizes intercourse for it flies. The woodworker offered it to her, which shows that the craftsman was offering something to Miss Mijares. The way that Miss Mijares giggled about it shows that she loves the offer. In this way, it affirms that Miss Mijares is pulled in to the woodworker as suggested by her acknowledgement and affection with the flying article that symbolizes the adoration making in the psychoanalytic approach.

All of Miss Mijares' life was spent in achieving her obligations like completing school, sending her niece to class, and dealing with her mom. That was her obligation as a lady, to unequivocally support her family. This job was directed by the general public and maybe her very own family moulded her to be a lady for others and not a lady with her own self. The general public directs that ladies ought to ensure their virginity that is likened to their nobility which Miss Mijares consciously acknowledged. Miss Mijares was depicted not just as a lady who needed to go past her jobs yet in addition as a lady who needed to assemble her own life.

In addition, Tuvera shows the inward battle of a lady in the story. Miss Mijares' battle to adhere to the cultural desires of a lady and to conceal her very own self was uncovered and repeated. Her battle was emblematically appeared by her experience with new places and the jeepney's redirection. It symbolizes her very own lost since she can't act naturally and she must be a lady that the general public directs her to be.

In the general public, ladies are the ones capable of dealing with the individuals in the family. This was the situation of Miss Mijares, when she was the just one remaining to deal with her wiped out and old mother. She did all the duty that she overlooked her own life. Miss Mijares in the story can be portrayed as the old house cleaner. At the age of 34, she hasn't, in any case, contact a man. Her depiction in the story and her life truly accommodates her as the old housekeeper original who is as yet immaculate.

The three phases of ladies' history, ladylike stage, women's activist stage, and female can be recognizable to Miss Mijares' life. The ladylike stage as per Showalter's hypothesis is the phase that includes impersonation of the overarching methods of the predominant convention and disguise of its benchmarks. In fact, Miss Mijares at the absolute starting point has experienced this stage wherein she enables the directs of the general public to govern her life. She capably dealt with her mom and she had secured her virginity for quite a while. Nonetheless, as the story develops, her character has been gradually advancing that she as of now moves toward the women's activist stage. The women's activist stage can be portrayed as a phase including challenging minority rights.

Miss Mijares didn't dissent unequivocally or politically however there is an inward dissent inside her. Her encounters of being lost and the stormy days symbolize her inward dissent that she needs to go past what is relied upon to her. This emblematic dissent really made disarray inside her, since she is conflicted between the social direct and her very own self. The last stage was which is the female stage can be depicted as the period of self-disclosure, a quest for the character. The last piece of the short story shows that Miss Mijares has experienced the female stage. The procedure lines truly infer that she was liberated from the cultural jobs being directed around her:

"In her mystery heart, Miss Mijares' young dreams rippled faintly to life, appearing to be huge in the downpour, close to this man - appearing to be colossal yet additionally sweet and overpowering. I should escape, she thought fiercely, however, he had moved and brushed against her, and where his touch had fallen, her substance jumped, and she reviewed how his hands had looked that first day, lain delicately at the edge of her work area and about the wooden winged animal (that had resembled a moving, sparkling, pigeon) and she went to him: with her unsettles wet and shrivelled, in obscurity she went to him."

The last passage demonstrates that in her heart, she has experienced the fighting stage and now, she's ready to express her very own self, her very own sentiments, and her very own wants. It shows that she is currently fit for going past her social jobs as she uncovers that she is prepared to give up her virginity. Her virginity is to be sure an image of respect; nonetheless, it is a piece of the lady's motivation is to have a man who will have the option to expend that since quite a while ago protected virginity.


The short story delineates the achievement of the lady in conquering the men's cliché world. The primary character had the option to resist the directs of the general public and had the option to build up her very own self in the mission of being a lady.

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