Tyranny Against Fathers, Families, and Freedom in Family Court

Government Cover-Up of the Tyranny Against Fathers, Families, and Freedom in Family Court

Under divorce and paternity suits, our family courts ignore all constitutional protections and rights when they deprive fit fathers of their parental rights and then extort enormous payments from them for the mothers for whatever use they desire. Fathers are made virtual slaves of the mother and state for up to 23 years and thrown in jail if they don't or can't comply with the courts' and mothers' money demands. This article shows how this tyranny remains hidden by power, money and the feminist agenda associated with government entities.

No consideration of equal rights takes place. But in fact, clear evidence prevails of the privileged status for women who are virtually guaranteed custody of the children and money payments while easily eliminating the fathers under the court's best interest of the child excuse or the safety of women abuse excuse. These 'excuses' abridge the constitutional protections that all citizens are owed. They represent the kind of 'greater good' laws that all tyrannies use to trump fundamental rights - in this case of fathers.

This tyranny arose from the amalgamation of three root causes:

* the long deterioration of judicial protections for defendants against bad law and processes

* feminism's social re-engineering mindset of society into every facet of life including the judiciary, and

* incorporating 'greater good' laws that deny fathers their rights and protections most especially in family court.

This amalgamation is best characterized as a state industry - the divorce and domestic violence industry (DDVI). It feeds off court-judgments based on denying the fundamental rights of fathers, and other men.

The DDVI is parasitic and state-supported because the governmental departments, agencies, affiliates, and persons that comprise it directly or indirectly derive their benefits from family court extortion orders of child support from fit fathers, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) program funds collected from taxpayers, and all fees and processes related to one or the other of these funding sources.

The DDVI taken together is a hugely profitable industry for all its constituents and has grown enormously over the last 40 years. I've listed those persons and agents that make up the DDVI and their benefits elsewhere.

-How the state's power, money, and agenda keeps this tyranny hidden:

Receiving benefits of this state industry is an incentive in itself to 'go along' with the clear injustice it thrives on. But this industry controls the power to silence and suppress opposition to its malicious policies. So, if someone within this industry wants to speak out against the injustice, he can suffer disbenefits, too. But such whistleblowers, unfortunately, have no place to go since it's the state that runs the tyranny. Here's how...

The power of this industry takes the form of state authority. That includes the judiciary, the executive and the legislative branches. That's a lot of authority.

The judiciary is the lynchpin upon which this tyranny turns. Over time it has undermined or eliminated the protections that the founding fathers put into it to protect defendants against bad laws and perverted legal processes. One example is the denial of a fully informed jury - who can judge not only the evidence at hand but the law itself - to defendants when their fundamental rights are at stake. The family court exemplifies an extreme perversion of process and laws that totally disregard fundamental rights protections, especially of fathers. Lastly, the judiciary has been embedded with the feminist social engineering mindset by its members and training. The judiciary includes the judges, lawyers, and all ancillary persons affiliated with the family court process. Both judges and lawyers are subject to judge and lawyer oversight committees. Standing up, as a lawyer or judge, against the perverted legal process that exists now in family court is tantamount to being a renegade.

Too many judges and lawyers are embedded in or beholden to this perverted system. Criticism can - and does - get lawyers barred from practising. So, although many lawyers can see the injustice, they keep their mouths shut. They go along to get along. The same deal goes with judges who also seek promotions - and the 'OK' from the legislative judicial review councils.

The executive includes prosecuting departments, police departments and penal institutions. These all benefit in terms of jobs, promotions, and state funding which includes VAWA funding and the prosecution and punishment of alleged deadbeat dads and alleged abusers. I stress 'alleged' because of the lack of due process and clearly, extortionary prosecution processes in these matters set up innocent men for easy criminalization - a whole lot of innocent fathers and other men.

The feminist propaganda that demands that women are victims of men in virtually every case pervades the mindset here. And those that speak out against this paradigm will be deemed 'insensitive' to women's plight and victimhood. They aren't wanted in the system.

The legislative area includes women's rights and legal consulting groups who have commandeered the 'authority' on women's issues. They make the feminist rules suggesting how laws should be arranged to help the victims from the obvious perpetrators - read women and men respectively for those slots. Any other legislator - certainly males - should not speak up about fairness. Otherwise, they're not sensitive. So silence prevails and unconstitutional laws get passed.

-The authoritative coverup:

None of the factions listed above wants the family court process changed to stop the denying of fit fathers their parental rights or rights equal to the mothers. There's too much money in keeping injustice going. And, of course, it goes along with the underlying feminist agenda that works at keeping it on track.

Try asking anyone benefiting from this system about the family court. You'll hear that its process is necessary for the judge to iron out all those complex issues associated with the family so the best interest of the child can be ascertained... Yah right, tell that to the founding fathers!

Know that no substantial statistics are kept that would show how fathers and men are discriminated against and punished under family court judgments. That would reveal inconvenient facts - facts that feminist jurisprudence and feminist fraud want to be suppressed.

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